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Dock Links began as a conversation about a membership-based program that could benefit marinas, retail businesses and most importantly, boaters.

It was started by two like-minded, experienced boaters who have traveled throughout the Great Lakes and Trent-Severn Waterway and understand the intricacies of the boater lifestyle. We know that the cost of boating has increased significantly over the past several years affecting how much people actually use their boats or even leave the dock.

In order to tackle the problem, we hit the road talking with select, high quality marinas, restaurants, and other businesses dealing with the marine industry to research the viability of the Dock Links concept. The support was overwhelming with all types of businesses looking to partner up with us and offer boaters discounts. Hence Dock Links was born!

As Dock Links has evolved, other scenarios came to mind for possible discounts. When a Dock Links member arrives at a marina as a transient boater perhaps they would want to enjoy a meal at a local restaurant?
Maybe they require a taxi cab into town for provisions? Or just order a pizza. All of those ideas became attainable.

For our participating partners, offering geographical exclusivity has become a way for them to highlight their facilities and services available to the Dock Links Members.

We continue to enhance the rewards available to our members on a regular basis!