Marina Partner FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it cost to be a Dock Links Partner Marina?
A. There is no cash cost to become a Partner marina. You only offer the discount package that you select, the savings go directly to your customer making you look great in their eyes. A happy customer is a repeat customer.

Q. The Marina across the bay is a Dock Links member and are really benefiting from the program, can I sign up my marina?
A. Yes! 

Q. My marina is fully booked this week, what do I say when a Dock Links member calls to book a slip?
A. Just handle it the same way you would for any other customer. You are not obligated to have slips available to Dock Links membership.

Q. Can a Dock Links member spend 2 months docked at my marina at the discounted rate?
A. Only if you want them to, all our partner marinas have the right to limit the discount to 5 consecutive days of transient mooring. If you want to extend the discount beyond the 5 days you can.

Q. How will I know if a boater is a Dock Links member?
A. All members will have their digital Dock Links membership card identifying them as a Dock Links member. Their card will have their name, expiry date and member status marked on the digital card. 

Q. Can I withdraw as a Partner at any time?
A. No, as we go through considerable cost to promote your marina and display it on our website, we ask that all Partner Marinas commit to 1 year at a time, we further ask for 90 days notice to withdraw from the program.

Q. What area is Dock Links offered?
A. Dock Links is an Ontario based company that operates throughout Ontario. We currently have partner coverage in Georgian Bay, Trent-Severn Waterway, Lake Ontario, and St. Lawrence River. We are currently looking to expand into Ottawa, Montreal area as well as the rest of the Great Lakes both on the Canadian and USA shores.