Become a Partner Marina

Attract more boaters to your marina.

If you own or operate a marina and would benefit by having more transient visitors and boaters visit your facility, sign up to become a Partner Marina.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner Marina

  • Fill more transient slips
  • Attract more customers from other local private marinas as well as lock stations.
  • Dock Links will promote your marina facility at all boat and trade shows we attend each year including shows in Toronto, Ottawa, Georgian Bay, Orillia, and the Loopers Rendezvous.
  • Benefit from social media advertising free to partner marinas.
  • Get paid to join!! All partner marinas receive a percentage of the co-op adveristing fund. Ask us for more details! 
  • Make your marina the #1 choice with loopers.
  • Showcase your facility and attract permanent customers, the PWC user of today will be the boater of tomorrow.
  • The program encourages boat usage, opening up more transient slips, using more fuel and requiring more boat repairs, if your boaters are out using their boats they are not using hydro and the facilities at your marina, saving you money.
  • Restaurant discounts encourage boaters to use boats more and travel further.
  • Your marina only offers discount on vacant slips, no reduction from current revenues.
  • Every partner marina can save 15% on any order with our partner Screen Machine Promotions. Check out what they can offer at Screen Machine Promotions.
  • All partner marinas can save 15% on any web site design or work done with our partner Fireside Agency. Check their services at Fireside Agency.
  • You are dealing with a local company from Ontario.
  • The program costs the marina nothing to participate! If we don’t send you customers you haven’t paid anything! 
  • Partner marinas look great to their customers by offering them a discount, rather than spending money on print advertising and hoping it attracts customers.