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The boaters are out there— and they are looking for the best discounts to make every minute on the water count. So whether you are a marina, a retail store or a restaurant along the way, we are looking for you. Dock Links can help your business attract more customers and fill more transient slips. The best part is that becoming a Dock Links partner costs you nothing. Zero risk and all reward!

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What's in it for you?

Through targeted email campaigns, internal corporate communications and a robust web presence, Dock Links provides your business a unique opportunity to market your product or service to your ideal customers, all of whom are boaters with disposable income for spending on the water.

Our reputation has been built on providing our partners with a valuable service to their targeted audience, and part of that reputation includes unique and/or exclusive offers not available to the general public. The more unique your offer the more traffic we can generate.

Your success is our success!

Let's build your business traffic together!

Drive more boaters to your business at no cost to you!

A growing company

Here's the inside scoop on the latest and upcoming features we’re building into the Dock Links program.

  • Improved communications to our Members & Partners
  • Electronic Membership Cards
  • Geo-based Advertising
  • Partner timed promotions

Who are our Dock Link Members?

Our network gives us access to over 14,000 boaters all across Ontario. They are committed to boating whether it be a cottager, weekend traveler or a looper. These boaters are home owners with a family that are looking for places to travel to with their valuable free time. 




    Central Ontario


    Eastern Ontario


    Southwestern Ontario


    Northern Ontario


    Niagara / Hamilton

32%24%18%18%5%3%Boat Type







    Cruisers & Sailboats


    Ski Boat



42%41%17%Boat Length

    Less than 30 ft.


    30 to 40 ft.


    Greater than 40 ft.