Business Partner FAQs

Becoming a Restaurant/Other Partners Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it cost to be a Dock Links Business Partner?
A. There is no cash cost to become a Business Partner. You only offer a discount package, the savings go directly to your customer making you look great in their eyes. A happy customer is a repeat customer. Why spend thousands on print advertising and hope it attracts a customer. We are guaranteed advertising.

Q. What types of businesses do you partner with?
A. Dock Links partners with businesses that can offer benefits to Dock Links members.   

Q. The business across the bay is a Dock Links Partner and really benefiting from the program, can I sign up my business?
A. Yes!

Q. How will I know if a boater is a Dock Links member?
A. All members will have their digital Dock Links membership card identifying them as a member. Their card will have their name, expiry date and membership status clearly marked on the digital card. 

Q. How will you promote my business to your membership?
A. All of our partners are represented on our website map, once the member clicks on the symbol it will give them the name of your business, the discount that you offer as well as a direct link to your website and phone number. We are also able to do direct emails for special events from time to time. 

Q. What is the length of my commitment?
A. All our Dock Links partner contracts are reviewed and renewed annually.