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Marina Terms & Conditions for Sign-up

1. The Partner Business shall have no obligation to provide services should they not be available from time to time.

2. Partner Businesses agree to offer the discounts listed on the advertising agreement to all Dock Links members for a period of 1 year commencing on the 1st day of May each year. Agreements shall automatically renew each year unless the Business Partner give 90 days notice.

3. Silver Level member shall only receive Silver Level discounts at any Partner Marinas offering Silver discounts or higher.

4. Gold Level members shall only receive Gold level discounts at Gold and Diamond level marinas. If at a Silver level marina they can only get Silver level discount.

5. Diamond Level members shall only receive Diamond level discounts at Diamond level marinas, if at a Gold level marina they will only receive gold level discounts, if at a Silver level marina you will only receive Silver level discounts.

6. PWC/Cottager Level member are Diamond level eligible and will receive the highest level discount that the Partner marina offers.

7. All level members are eligible for all other discounts/rewards offered through Dock Links.

8. Restaurant discounts are for a maximum of 4 persons per membership. Each restaurant is able to offer the discount to the entire table if they choose.

9. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions releases Dock Links Ltd. from any and all liabilities relating to the use of Dock Links Memberships.

10. Dock Links map both in print and digital format are not to be used for navigation. These maps are for reference only.

11. Partner Marinas reserve the right to limit the offered discount to transient members for a maximum of 5 consecutive days.

12. Dock Links may use the Partner Businesses logo and company name for advertising from time to time.

13. Dock Links has the right to cancel any agreements without notice should the Advertising Partner Business breach any of its obligation.